This is the OLD main site for all current and potential users of, Chalmers' mail hotel. This site is divided into three main sections, targeted at different groups.

Although many pages are available in both English and Swedish (your webbrowser will choose automatically), some pages are only available in Swedish. You might therefore see some Swedish when looking around here.

Webmail and settings

If you're just looking for our webmail client, it's available at

Power users, who are good at computers, probably prefer webgraal, the hardcore web interface to the configuration daemon, it's at


User documentation - how to set up your client to send/read mail via our server, how to configure your mail account, how to move mail from an old account, etc.

Support - for support, you always turn to your normal helpdesk/computer support. They have the privileges necessary to solve almost every problem, and if they can't then they will contact us. We cannot help you with most problems as they relate to your account/password or mail client, over which we have no control.

Techheads, sysadmins, curious people

Techie information - No technical detail is too small to be covered in this section. Details of how to run a domain, how the system works, what components it's built from, source code, configuration, everything...