This is where you download client software.

Graal client

Sicconfd is actually an instance of Graal, the daemon that we use to keep track of /etc/group and let users manipulate certain groups without sysadmin interaction. Therefore the same client is used. It is written in python.

graal-20020928.tgz contains what you need, but there's no neat packaging (yet, at least).

The client is called graal. There are manual pages, but they mostly document the commands implemented by the /etc/group-graal daemon. Focus on graal-expert.1 for information about available flags to the graal client itself. is a Python module needed for proper operation of graal. It should be installed either in your Python interpreters site-packages directory, or in the same directory as the client.

Graal client perl module is a perl module for talking with the various graal servers we have on campus.

GraalClient-20050826.gz contains the module. Usage is in the source file, in pod format.

PDB client perl module

perl-PDB.tar contains the module and the patches needed for Frontier::Client (an XML-RPC module).