Förstasidan-Technical info-Sicconfd

The sicmail configuration daemon

Sicmail is the name of the complete mail system which has been built for Chalmers mail hotel. It consists mainly of externally developed parts like e.g. Postfix and Courier IMAP but also some internal parts like the configuration daemon and various bits of code used as glue around it.

The configuration daemon, which this document describes, is the link between the configuration database and all administrators and users.

Sicconfd basics

Command basics describes what the commands look like and how to use them. Includes a summary of the main sicconfd commands.

Output format describes what the output format looks like.

Privilege levels describes the different levels that determines what a user can do in sicconfd


The "domain" command

The "maillist" command

The "user" command

The "system" command

The "session" command