Förstasidan-Technical info-Sicconfd

Session commands

> session auth login user
Authenticate as stated user. Use this command from within the graal client (or use the login command of the graal client).

This command returns an errorcode that makes the graal client ask for your password without echoing it. The graal client then sends the command below (the same command, with the password as the last argument) which is the command that really authenticates the session.

> session auth login user password
Authenticate with user name and password. Use the command above, which makes the graal cilent ask for the password withuot echoing it.

This command can be used inside scripts where you want to talk to the graal-server and you've already retrieved the password in an appropriate way from the user.

> session info
Returns information about the session. Format:
 session <session-id> [authenticated as <username>]
> session quit
Finishes the session and logs out.
> session quit with cookie
Finishes the session and logs out, but returns a long random string. By sending this string to the server at a later time (up to 30 minutes later), you can reauthenticate as the same user. This makes it possible for CGI-programs to avoid saving user name and password on disk, and use a cookie instead.
> session auth cookie cookie
Reauthenticates with a previously returned cookie.