Förstasidan-For users

User information

This page contains information for people who use (or are about to begin using) to send and recieve e-mail. This server handles all and addresses.

All employees and students have access. Whether this is your primary email server or not is something only your local computer support can answer. Some local computer departments have just set up so that the or addresses forward incoming email to another mail server.


Mail client settings

Campus-wide support is only available for the webmail. Other mail clients may be supported by your local helpdesk/computer support, so if you have questions please feel free to contact them.

Although we cannot answer questions and do not guarantee anything, we know a number of email clients work very well. We have put together information about them here. To have questions answered, however, please contact your local computer support.

Getting started with mail.medic contains the information you need to start reading and sending mail via our mailserver using any mail client.

Configuring SquirrelMail assists you in configuring our webmail client.

Settings for PINE describes how to configure PINE.

Settings for Netscape/Mozilla describes how to configure Netscape/Mozilla.

Block on certain attachments

We block certain attachments on delivery.

Information about attachment blocking.

Mail account settings

The mail account is your identity on our mailserver. It contains all your mail, and can be configured to automatically answer incoming mail when you're away, deliver certain mail to certain folders and so on.

Configuring your mail account describes how to go about configuring these advanced features.