Förstasidan-För användare-Blockad av bifogad fil

Block of certain mail attachments

This document describes which attachments we block, why, and how you can bypass the block.

What we're blocking

We block any mail attachment with a filename that ends in any of the following:


You can send such attachments, but cannot receive them.

If you are sent an attachment with a forbidden filename, a message will be delivered to you. In that message is instructions how you go about getting the attachment if you really wanted to.

The sender is not informed that his attachment was blocked.

Why we block this

This block is intended to lessen the risk of virus infections on Windows machines. Since very few other operating systems use filenames like those above, the impact on users of Linux, Solaris, Mac and other systems should be neglible.

Unfortunately experience shows that far too many computer users at Chalmers click anything they receive by mail. We would wish they were as suspicious to attachments from unknown senders as they are to food from strangers in the street, but such is not reality.

The virus filter on the server does not catch all viruses. By blocking these filenames, we lessen the costs for disinfecting Windows machines, and hopefully will not contribute to the spread of email-worms on the internet.

How do I escape the block?

The only way of receiving a file with a banned filename, is to have the sender compress or archive it in e.g. a ZIP archive.

There is unfortunately no way to turn off the filename ban for your account specifically.