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Configuring your mail account

Here you can find help about how to configure your account.

The easy way

The easiest way to configure your mail account is to visit the configuration page.

That page contains an easy-to-use web interface for configuring the most commonly used features, such as auto-responses and filtering.

We recommend using that interface, unless you have advanced needs or are a computer geek who likes doing things the hard way.

Power users - Graal/Webgraal

You can talk directly to the configuration server. Either through the command graal -h -i (if available) or by visiting webgraal, which is a webified graal-command.

To find out which commands are available, read the online documentation.

Forwarding mail

If you want to forward all incoming mail to another mail account, use graal or webgraal and issue the command user username forward set email.

In the following example the user nrq wants to forward all his mail to his hotmail account.

user nrq forward set

Spam filtering

Spam filtering is enabled by default but incoming mail classified as spam only gets a few new headers indicating that the mail in question probably is spam. If you want all your spam-tagged mail to be sorted down in a folder automatically you have to create the folder spam as a subfolder to your inbox.

If you want to disable spam filtering completely you can use the command

user username filter spam disable

Consequently you can enable spam filtering again with

user username filter spam enable.