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Configuring PINE

This document describes how to configure PINE to work with MEDICs mail server. Please note that your systems administrator may have locked certain options so that you can't change them. This is normally not a problem since the locked options are meant to work for all users of the system. Some of the preferences below contain a username and we have chosen the user andreas as an example. You must of course use your own username for everything to work properly.

Configuring with menus

In the main menu of PINE choose S - SETUP in order to get to the setup menu.

The first step is to configure folder collections in PINE. To create a folder collection start by chosing (L) collectionLists

Now choose A Add Cltn. You can use anything you like as Nickname but we will use mail_medic throughout this guide. Server on the other hand must be configured as When you have entered this PINE will ask you for your mail password. Type it in and continue to the next step.

Path is the most important part of a folder collection. It describes where on the mail server you folders in your collection are located. Normally you want to have at least one collection where Path is INBOX. (the root of your folder tree).

When you have created your new folder collection and exited with Ctrl-X PINE will give you the opportunity of pressing $ to change the order of your folder collections. Do that.

This is how it should look when your collections have changed places.

Go back to the setup menu (S SETUP) and choos (C) - Config to get to the configurable options.

The following options should be examined and changed to the correct value:

user-domain should be your mail domain (that which comes after the @ in your mail address).

smtp-server should be like this - For more information regarding server name and folder convention in PINE see

inbox-path should be inbox-path={}INBOX. This is entered in two steps. First Name of Inbox server which should be and after entering that you type the name of the folder that is your INBOX - which is INBOX. The option /novalidate-cert might be needed if PINE can't verify the certificate for

It is also a good idea to make sure that default-fcc is set to Sent.

Configuring with .pinerc

If you feel more comfortable working with a text file and changing your preferences that way you can do that with the same result. If you previously have started PINE you most likely have a file called .pinerc in your home directory. In this file you can change everything that is accessible from the setup menu in PINE and even some more.

The following lines in a .pinerc file is what you need to change or add to achieve the effect of the steps above.



folder-collections=mail_medic {}INBOX.[]

Moving mail with PINE

To among other things be able to access your folders from the webmail client you need to move your old folders in pine to This is a relatively simple task although it may take a very long time depending on how much mail you have in your old folders.

In order to be able to select all messages in a folder you will have to make sure that the option enable-aggregate-command-set is activated. You can do this either by entering the configuration menu in the same way as earlier in this guide and check the box before enable-aggregate-command-set under Advanced User Preferences or by simply adding enable-aggregate-command-set to the feature-list paragraph in your .pinerc.

To move all messages in a folder select the folder and bring up the Message Index for the selected folder. Press ; (semi-colon) to activate the select command. Choose A select All to mark all messages in the folder and press A Apply and S Save. Type the name of the destination folder for the selected messages and make sure that you use the folder collection on (medic_mail in the exaples above).