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Getting started with

This is an instruction of how to get started using our mail server.

Get a mail account

To use, you need to have a mail account on our server, which will contain all your mail and personal settings.

All employees and students should have a mail account here, but it is possible that your local computer department have set things up so that the features here are not available to you. Please ask your local computer support if you are hesitant.

Every mail account has a maximum size (quota). Normally this is 500 MB for employees (50 MB for students), or about 100.000 average size emails (10.000 for students). If you store a lot of large emails with attachments on the server, that number drops rapidly. It is possible to have the limit extended if your organization wants to pay for that, please contact your local computer support.

Setting the mail password

Your Chalmers-wide mail password is used when sending and reading mail via

To set this password, log on to, using your Chalmers ID (CID) and associated password.

Change mail password is a step-by-step guide on how to change your mail password.

You use this mail password together with your CID when identifying to the mail server.

Reading and sending mail

We recommend (and fully support) reading and sending mail via the webmail, at (or

Your organization's computer support may help you with other mail clients. We can only supply the information you need, but cannot help you to configure or track down problems with any other mail client.

Your mail client must handle encrypted POP or IMAP (sometimes referred to as POP-S/IMAP-S). If you can, choose IMAP since it is faster and can handle folders.

To send mail when you're not attached to Chalmers network, your mail client needs to support authenticated SMTP, called SMTPAUTH, over an encrypted/secure connection. From within Chalmers network, this is not needed.

Mail client settings

SMTP server Port: 25
or Port: 587 (encrypted/secure/with TLS and authenticated connections only)
IMAP server Port: 993 (encrypted/with SSL)
POP3 server Port: 995 (encrypted/with SSL)
Autentication method
IMAP path prefix (some mail clients only)

The SMTP-server is sometimes called "outgoing mail server" in mail client settings. The IMAP/POP-server is similarly called "incoming mail server".

You use your Chalmers ID and it's mail password to send/read email through our servers.

Mail put in the trash folder will be deleted automatically from the server after seven days.